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Asphalt Paving & Milling

We are highly recommended by many surrounding municipalities. With a variety of paving equipment sizes, we can seamlessly transition from commercial buildings to streets. Removal of existing asphalt is handled by our Wirtgen W210i milling machine. This machine is capable of removing existing asphalt 12 inches deep by 7 feet wide in a single pass. The milled asphalt can be loaded directly on a truck or reused on site, saving the client money.



Our quality tri-axle dump trucks are a reflection of our professionalism. We pride ourselves on the appearance of our equipment. Along with the tandem dump trucks, our low-boy, tractor trailer, tack coat truck, water truck and numerous utility trucks truly makes our company self-sufficient.



Sitework & Utilities

One of the greatest expenses of any project is the site work. Inexperienced contractors can cost the client money if the site work is not completed as scheduled. Underground utility installation and earthwork is our strong point. All sizes and depths of sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main, under– and above– ground retention systems, and wastewater treatment  systems are just a few of the utilities that we provide on a regular basis. Our employees practice all OSHA requirements regarding trenching and excavation safety (1926.650). We have the capability of moving thousands of cubic yards of earth every day as the site work requires it.



Our demolition services include residential and commercial buildings. With our equipment ranging from a JD 50D up to a JD 450DX, our excavators combined with a grapple attachment makes demolition an easy task.

Surveying & Engineering

We are competent in land surveying and layout. Utilizing the latest software and instrument developments, we are able to offer our site layout services on our own jobs. Surveying CAD software imports and exports all popular file types such as AutoCAD DWG. Data is then exported to and from data collectors, ensuring accuracy in the field. This provides us with compete control of the site, and allows us to schedule layouts of curbs, inlets, roadways and buildings. This service keeps us on schedule and minimizes cost to the client.




Stilo Excavation, Inc. offers complete sitework services to our clients. Among these services, we offer asphalt paving, asphalt milling, underground utility installation, earthwork, demolition, estimating, site surveying and layout, engineering, and trucking. Our company is built on 100 years of field experience that ensures our clients will receive the professional quality they deserve. Stilo Excavation, Inc. is fully insured and bonded for publicly funded projects.


Stilo Excavation, Inc. was established by Dominic Stilo in 1924. Since then, Robert Stilo Jr. and Patricia Stilo, have expanded and in 1989 founded Stilo Excavation, Inc.


To this day, Stilo Excavation, Inc. is embedded with strong family ties. Robert and Patricia Stilo are proud to acknowledge that their son, Robert Stilo, is the Director of Engineering, as well as their daughter, Julie Stilo, who is the Director of Finance.

Stilo Excavation, Inc. is certified by the State of New Jersey as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE). Certificate #75979-15

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Listed above are a few of our various clients we have worked with.



Stilo Excavation, Inc. is also associated with Stilo Disposal, LLC which provides 10, 20 and 30 yard boxes to various job sites. By doing so, Stilo Excavation, Inc. can save money on dumpsters and garbage removal and pass the savings on to the client. Stilo Disposal LLC has their A-901 license and is also licensed to haul hazardous waste.


10 Yard
20 Yard
30 Yard

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Site Supervisor

Patricia Stilo

Robert Stilo

Robert D. Stilo

Julie Stilo

Nick Sigismondi

Michael Peake

Ken Smith

Steve Temenski


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